Friday, October 11, 2019

Four Favorite Wedding Gifts (Wedding Gift Ideas)

There are some wedding presents that you'll always remember.

My family and I recently moved to a new house and as we were transporting things I got to look at basically everything we owned. What caught my eye the most were our wedding presents from a few years ago. Here are 4 things that we used and enjoyed very much over the years! I hope this helps our readers with registry or wedding gift-giving ideas.

Tennis Raquet - (Thank you Sarah) Yes, I know it is a bit weird and Jeff and I didn't even really play tennis before our wedding. But after our wedding we had a great time going to local courts because we suddenly had nice rackets and tennis balls. This is a super fun present and it is guaranteed to bring some memorable moments into the life of a newly married couple

Crystal Vase - (Thank you Grant and Jan) Ours actually broke when my son was carrying it (not sure why he was doing that), and yes, he dropped it. But we had it for many years and I used it to put flowers in from Trader Joes. Whenever we had a holiday I would put cute dried flowers from Pier1 or acorns...or holly in there because it was so pretty that it made everything look great. It is nice to have one SUPER pretty vase.

Camping Stove - (Thank you Chris and Meredith) This has come in handy so many times. Yes, we took it camping. But we have also used it multiple times when our power has gone out due to hurricanes and also from summer thunder storms. Even when the power goes out for a few hours, you still have to make dinner and so this has been a great gift and so useful over the years.

 Camping Stove

Super Nice Clock - (Thank you Sherri and Garry) Our golden clock is something we never would have bought for ourselves. I was a bit surprised when we opened it because it was obviously very expensive and not something that I had put on my registry. But it is still sitting on our mantel today and I love it more than ever. It also reminds me of my parent's friends who gave it to us.

I can't finish this post without also adding that we got some cherished gifts that were hand made, such as custom photo albums with pictures in there that our friends had taken. We received artistic ways to preserve our invitation and a friend played the guitar for us as we walked down the aisle. We received paintings from talented friends and even pottery (we still have one mug left). Money helped us with our honeymoon and we appreciated our loved ones generosity and felt very blessed. My heart is so full when I write of it now.

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