Friday, June 21, 2019

Beautiful Things

Recently I have been looking for beauty. Here are a few things I have found. I like having small things around me that strike me as stunning.

 Boho Modern Table Runner

I can imagine walking past my dining room table and my heart gushing over the simple intricacies, calm colors and eclectic textures of this table runner.

Beautiful Flour Jar

Imagine going to the cupboard to get some boring flour for a recipe and putting your hands on this beautiful jar, running fingers over the top and examining the pattern.

 Beautiful Tea/Coffee Mug

There is nothing better than having a cup of tea or coffee in a well made mug that is exactly the right size, shape, and feels good on the hands and especially the lips.

 Fuzzy Wall Art

This shouldn't be hung in a prominent place. This is more like, something to be discovered around the corner, to make the discoverer stand there for a second in surprise...for the first time or for the 100th.

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