Thursday, November 21, 2013

Non-Obvious Pre-Wedding Advice

  1. Send a friendly bulk email to your guests requesting that they not take pictures during the important parts of the ceremony. This way, the professionals you hired aren't blocked by phones of well-meaning family and friends.
  2. Hire a makeup artist. Among other things, it is too hard to make sure those fake eyelashes stay on all day/night if you do it by yourself.
  3. Don't' skimp on photo and video and make sure you meet and like the people who will be documenting your wedding. The photographers directing you, your family and friends will be a large part of your day.
  4. Don't chew gum and ask your bridal party not to, the video and photos will look better without gum chewing involved.
  5. Hire a recommended, experienced professional DJ. They can also be like wedding planners with how they keep the evening running smoothly. 
  6. Practice your first dance at home. Even if you aren't doing a choreographed dance,  have fun practicing a few smooth twirls and spins at certain points of the music.
  7. Discuss/practice your ceremonial kiss so you are both on board with a peck…or more.
  8. Discuss the cake cut. If you don't want cake on the face, make this clear to each other beforehand. Some couples do a      tiny blob on the nose then sweetly wipe it off with a napkin later. This looks great for photos and video btw. 
  9. Have some kind of an exit, either bubbles/sparklers or a last dance. It is good to go out with a bang.
  10. Buy a nice hanger for the wedding dress. There will be a lot of photos/video taken of it.
What is your favorite wedding advice?

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