Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Obsessing Over Bunting

I've been obsessing over bunting (colored fabric triangle flags) ever since I filmed and edited Ricki and Josh's hip wedding in Hammock Beach, Palm Coast (kudos to the fabulous White Blossom Weddings for making it utterly perfect):

And I have been going gaga on Pintrest over the achingly cute decor strung across cake toppings .

I made my own bunting tonight at "craft night" (the next one is Jan 22nd from 6-8pm) at Gainesville's Repurpose Project...an ingenious place that doesn't throw stuff away. If you need something, just go there and they probably have it. I told them I really want to get and refurbish a wooden screen door for my front porch and they promptly took me outside to show me the 3 screen doors they just happen to have for $15 each.

 Anyway, I digress...back to bunting.

Of all the wedding trends, this is my most favorite. There is something very sweet about displaying your colors as textured fabrics that wave gently in the wind. What do you think?

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