Friday, April 20, 2012

White Room Wedding, St. Augustine - Duke & Marcia

This past Sunday we filmed Marcia and Duke's wedding at the beautiful White Room in St. Augustine.  We arrived as the ADORE interns were sewing limes so that they fit perfectly inside the square flower vases. Jared and Lauren of G-nys Entertainment were setting up their gear on the outdoor roof patio and over the railing of the patio were soaring birds and expanses of water and blue sky. The weather was a perfect temperature and I realized it was going to be a perfect evening for a rooftop wedding. We began by going on the photo shoot around town with Footstone Photography.  Although the great shots from above are stills from the video, we take no credit for them as Footstone set them all up and will amaze, as always with their photos.

Here are some of our captured moments in Duke and Marcia's beautiful wedding, in their Extended Teaser below:

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