Saturday, February 18, 2012


February and March are our months of celebrating We have birthday's for the 3 munchkins and my hubby all between February 20th and March 13th. All 3 kids and the hubby get separate birthday parties, whew!

Party #1- Star Wars Party in the back yard with 16 friends and everyone gets a pool noodle light saber
Party #2 - American Girl Slumber "Art" Party
Party #3 - Meet a group of hubby's friends at the Top for Happy Hour weekday party
Party # 4 - Thomas Party at Grandma and Papi's or at the park...don't know yet

So with a packed schedule of editing, mommying and birthday partying, no one is allowed to get sick. Life is good, and I'm looking forward to a little more blogging perhaps :)

Below: With a little paint, a basketball piñata becomes a Death Star piñata.

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