Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Creekside and Haile Plantation Country Club Events

Our Sunday packed with events was as eventful as we had hoped. We spoke to some lovely brides and vendors at Creekside. It is always a blast to hang with Jeff from Gainesville's famous, J&S Photography and it is always a struggle to have discipline around the samples of goodies by Dream Day cakes. Creekside Clippers showed off some beautiful samples of wedding hair options and Jay's Bridal was buzzing with customers who came to checkout what was going on after they had made their dress purchases. ADORE's pretty new space is now right next to the Grand Event. They are both must-see planning stops at the Creekside Plaza.

Later that afternoon we headed over to Haile Plantation Country Club where my hubby, Jeff had thoughtfully brought the camera. You can check out this short film which will give you a good of idea of what went down there...from a toilet paper dress contest to a fight to the ground for a bouquet that equaled a $1700 prize...a wedding at Haile.

More stellar vendors graced the Haile event (see list below). A HUGE thanks to the talented Brittany for putting it together. There was just a great vibe throughout the whole event and of course, Jarad and Lauren of G-nys Entertainment had something to do with that great vibe.

So a huge thank you to my vendor friends and all the lovely engaged couples and moms I chatted with. I look forward to our meetings.

Here is the short film I put together after coming home on Sunday evening.

Vendors included:
Platinum Digital Video,
 Footstone Photography,
 KB Kakes,
 Keith Watson,
Solutions Bridal,
ADORE events,
G-nys Entertainment 

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