Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Amazing Couch Transformation

We have been sitting on an old Ikea couch for the past few years (with a cover tossed over it) and recently it caved in every time someone sat on it. We propped it up with plastic tubs and stablizing-type whatever's we could find... while we saved up for a new couch.

 We pretty much thought that we would get a new Ikea couch as soon as the opportunity presented itself. But two weeks ago when we realized we finally could get a couch, I looked online at Ikea and learned that the couches weren't really fitting the dimensions of our living room. They also seemed a bit expensive to me...after having to buy all the little extras that aren't listed in the base price. When I looked online at furniture stores all the couches looked much too big for our small living room. So I Googled, "small couch". After annoyingly clicking on a couple of kids couches I finally found HomeReserve.com This is an amazing company who makes sectionals and sofas that you build yourself (like Ikea). So I was able to find a sectional combination to fit our living room perfectly. I loved how you could order a strip of material to make it look like a full love seat in one part and not all different chairs stuck together.

 I chose from 100 colors to find my perfect color and fabric. I couldn't believe it when I found the color because a while back I had been looking for that exact golf-course green in a rug. But after putting all that couch in my living room there wouldn't be room for a rug anymore so I decided to take a chance and go green with the whole couch. Now I am quite pleased with the bold pop of color in our plain living room. Do you think it is a bit wild?

 It took my Hubby, my Dad and I about 4 hours to put it together. Here are a few photos of the building process.


  1. Yes, a bit wild and I love it! Thanks for sharing the link too - their fabric choices are awesome.

  2. I've been going back to this site for over a year wanting to pull the trigger on a sectional! Thanks for the post!

  3. Hi Shena! How is the couch working out for you? Ive been looking at their sofas and I'm worried about the comfort level, since it is a self assembled couch. Any additional input since you've been using it for a little bit now?

  4. I was thinking about buying a sectional from home reserve so it's great?

  5. Thanks for sharing your comment on the site with this blog! I feel better after seeing how amazing your couch looks! I have a question though. Are the seats (width) very narrow? My hubby likes wide cushions. And I read another persons review saying since there are no springs in the cushions it might not be a good option for people with joint or knee pain... So would it not be comfy for an overweight elderly person? Thanks for your help! LOVE your color by the way!

  6. OK, I just figured out how to publish the comments. Now some answers: We love this couch. I like the cushions. In fact, someone asked me if they were memory foam or some kind of special comfort-type of pillow. So, yes, I still love it and highly recommend it. The seats are narrow...the style I got is narrow and I got those purposely because we have a small house. I think that most of the other styles are a bit wider. There are some options there.

    I hope this helps!


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