Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Welcome To Civilization (Restaurant)

Civilization is one of my new favorite Gainesville restaurants. It isn't all about local and organic, but sometimes they do specify "free range eggs" on their specials. What I love about it is how tasty and fresh their food is. They don't offer a huge menu, but what they do offer tastes GOOD, which I much prefer to a long list of stale, half pre-cooked, so/so food. 

After looking at Civilization's website I learned that the restaurant is run as a co-op so all of the employees pretty much have a part ownership in the company. It seems like there is a high level of professionalism here that perhaps is because the employees have such a vested interest in the success of the restaurant.

My little one and I both had the potato and parmasean soup and it was amazing. When I took one sip I was completely wowed buy the flavors and freshness. My little one gobbled her's all up. She had a bowl and I had a cup of the soup with some avacado toast which was also extremely fresh and yummy.

One of the things that I was mesmirized by were the ceilings. The huge sheets of wood are shiny and glossy and arch majestically over the room (see the picture below). I believe that Civilization was at one time, a railroad station. But when I looked online to confirm this I couldn't find anything. Anyone know anything about this?

I love the atmoshphere and super-cute decor. The tables are mismatched but come together with pretty, glossy, turquoise table tops. They needed to replace some lighbulbs, but I doubt most people that go there gaze at the decor as much as I did! We will definitely be going back for lunch again soon. This is now one of my top 5 G-ville faves.

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  1. Hi Sheena, this is an interesting review. Can't wait to check out Civilization. And now that you mentioned it, I think I'm gonna look at those lightbulbs too. :)


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