Thursday, August 11, 2011

My 3 Top Fave Restaurants in Gainesville

Hubby and I have been watching Gordon Ramsay's "Kitchen Nightmares" on Netflix. In every episode he drives home..."local, fresh, seasonal". This is what makes good, yummy food that people come back for.

There are 3 restaurants in Gainesville that I know about that follow this and they also happen to be my 3 faves. I would love to know if there are any others out there too.

Both Mildred's and Blue Gill are owned by Chef, Bert Gill. He gets his produce from local farmers and his animals/meat from the UF Animal Science Department. 
His menu at Blue Gill is small and seasonal and delicious. The burgers are amazing. Chef Gill calls the drinks, "sauce" and the "sauce"comes in Mason jars with ice and a straw. The food is oozing with freshness. With this and super-friendly service, Blue Gill is pretty much Gordon Ramsay's dream restaurant come true. Here is their facebook page.

Chef Gill's, Mildred's is like this too but it is more of a fancy restaurant in the evening. It is very reasonable at lunch time though and has great seasonal specials with amazing soup to boot. At lunch time I like how you just order at the register and they bring the food to your table. There is also a sweet help-yourself ice tea and water table. My favorite dish is the bruschetta. The toast toppings change often (see pic below) and are always amazing. Mildred's facebook page.

The Jones Restaurant in East Gainesville is, fresh, local and sustainable. has many organic food items on the menu too. The shiitake chicken dinner with spinach, goat cheese and garlic mashed potatoes is to die for and I constantly crave that dinner for days after eating it. Thanks to Maya Garner for giving G-ville such a delicious and healthy place to eat. Here is a link to their facebook page with more interesting info about the restaurant.

Top left: Chef, Gordon Ramsay
Top right: Chef, Bert Gill

1. The bar at Blue Gill
2. My fave dish at Mildred's, the bruschetta with soup du jour (often yummy butternut squash).
3. The specials board at The Jones, love this!
4. The snack plate at Blue Gill, which includes: Country Ham, Salami, Pimento Cheese, Deviled Eggs, Saltines, Cheddar, Cucumber and Tomato Salad
5. The amazing Chicken Shiitake from The Jones
6. A scrumptious Blue Gill Burger
7. One of Mildred's deserts 
8. Breakfast at The vegetarian sister's fave and goes every time she comes to town. I love how the eggs and fruit here are organic. I feel good about my kids eating here.
The photo's are from the restaurant's FB pages. Please see links above.

Here is a little video of Chef Gill preparing locally grown food. There is an ad first but it is short.



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