Thursday, August 18, 2011

My 2 New Must-Haves For Easy Peasy Healthy Lunches For Back To School!

Happy Tot Organic Superfood suddenly showed up in my neighborhood Publix yesterday. This is what caught my eye:
1. Organic
2. GFCFSF  and sugar free.
3. BPA free packaging. that means that the inside is not lined with plastic that leaches estrogen-mimicking molecules into our kids food.
4. Fruit and veggies mixed together. Because of the antioxidants and because there is no "junk" in it, this is the perfect food for spectrum kids (and for "typical" kids too).

I am all about easy and this is such a time-saver for me...meaning I don't have to make my own "superfood" for the kids.  I used to buy a similar item to these Happy Tot's, but it was not listed as BPA free and it was $1.50 per snack.  That was too expensive for me. I can just swing this at $1.00 per snack.

You can find these little treasures in the baby aisle next to the baby food. And obviously they don't have to be for just "tots and tykes". I don't think the packaging looks too babyish so I don't think the kids will get teased for eating babyfood.

The lids are a bit much for most kids to deal with on their own at lunchtime, so I unscrew the lids to break the seal...then screw them back on again. After the seal is broken the screw-top lid will be easy for kids to un-tighten on their own.

Th bottom right picture is a chocolate almond milk juice box. Chocolate almond milk is a big treat for the kids, and for me too. It is delicious.  It is also a $1.00 so the kids don't get it in their lunch every day. But I like giving them chocolate milk sometimes because they feel like they are getting their sweet chocolate fix of the day. You can find this in the "Greenwise" section of Publix.

Almond milk is easily my most favorite alternative to cows milk. The kids love it too and we all have it with our cereal and drink it in a glass too. Almond milk is packed with calcium and nutrition and it tastes really, really good. These days I prefer it to cows milk and even have it in my hot tea. Rice milk is a bit thin and bland and I really don't like the taste of coconut milk (although coconut ice-cream is amazing).

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