Monday, August 1, 2011

Home Summer School

Up until last Friday, A.J. and my 6-year-old son had enjoyed 7 weeks of camp with swimming every day, sometimes twice a day. They played from 9am -5pm then came home filthy, happy and exhausted. After walking in the door and hanging up wet bathing suits and towels, we crammed in  bath, dinner, books and bed. Books turned into video games and I was worried their brains had turned to mush.

With 3 weeks left of summer at home, I thought the only way I could compete with summer camp and inspire the kids to learn and get ready to go back to school was to make a kind of game out of it, "Home Summer School." When I announced this plan they were intrigued. Mom was going to be, "teacher".  On Sunday I got out the huge notepad I almost sold at the garage sale but didn't, and wrote a schedule. I didn't know if it would work but my goal was to make it realistic. I was not going to get up at dawn since I stay up late editing.  Then I researched educational apps for the iPad that I had only used for work up until now. I realized with excitement that the iPad was an amazing tool for teaching. It would enable me to teach Spanish without knowing a word of it. This was going to actually work.

We had a blast today. The iPad helped with Spanish, science and multiplication tables practice and the Madlibs app was perfect for teaching parts of speech. As "teacher" I finally got the kids to learn a couple of chords on the guitar and notes on the trumpet. The little one had fun painting too and played along happily. Here are a few photos from our day.


  1. love the journal pictures too.

  2. What did you use for teaching Spanish...I am very intrigued. Always looking for new apps to put on my ipad for my sons. BTW I found your blog thru corks and colors post about the commercial...I am the girl in the pinkish shirt that had my son with me.

  3. Hi! Thanks for checking out the blog :) The Spanish app we use is called, Spanish for Kids. The picture on the app is a cute zebra. It is actually an iPhone app but it stretches to iPad size nicely. It is a great app.


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