Saturday, August 20, 2011

Corks and Colors Commercial - Super Cute Art Party Studio!!

This evening we filmed a commercial for Corks and Colors - paint, sip, create! It is a super cute studio where you can have a birthday party, girls night out or a fun date night. Customers create a painting and/or candles and the teacher gives step-by step instructions on how to make each piece. You can do exactly what she says or deviate and follow your own creative path!

To sign up, simply go to their website and check the calendar for what piece is being offered on what day. Then choose the date and purchase the supply fee online. Then you are good to go! It is such a cute idea. I'm thinking A.J.'s next birthday party?
We had a great time filming. Here are a few stills we took from the video footage. We can't wait to put the commercial together. Look for it next month on Cox Cable!

Check out their Facebook page.

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