Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yummy Easy Frozen Summer Snack

Sugar affects A.J.'s behavior seemingly 1000 times more than it does my other 2. And it just isn't fair to give her siblings lots of yummy ice cream while she stands by and watches. So instead we have frozen fruit and the kids LOVE it.

My favorite thing about this is just how easy this daily snack is and berries are full of antioxidants. This snack is made up of 2 bags of frozen, organic berries. There is no sugar on top, and I even manage to sprinkle in a few organic frozen peas "for color" and they eat it.

My kids do not like cooked peas. Frozen peas, however, are a different story. I have learned that they will eat pretty much anything that has "snow on it." We have to serve it right out of the freezer because A.J. tells me that she doesn't like the fruit when it is thawed because it is now "dead." Also, there is nothing messier than mushy half-thawed blueberries and don't pack them in a school lunch. This has been our after school/camp snack all summer long.

These small glass dishes in the photo are the glass containers available at Publix. They have BPA free plastic lids too and are great for refrigerating leftovers. I love that since they are thick glass, they are hard to break (OK dropped on hardwood...but not so OK on tile...done both). And I love that you can see very clearly, with a glance what leftovers are in there. I also enjoy how they look so neat and tidy all stacked up in the fridge.

You can buy organic frozen fruit at pretty much any grocery store. Here is a link to sign up for Cascadian Farm Coupons.

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