Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why GFCFSF and Toxin Free?

When A.J. was 3, her classmate's parents told me that the GFCF diet worked absolute wonders for their spectrum son. So we had to try it. Within 3 days we saw a difference, then in 2 weeks it cleared up much of the "fog". After this happy success I wanted to know what else was out there that was "not proven"...but parents seemed to know about. That was the beginning of my spectrum education.

The next and most important thing I learned was that our spectrum kids can't seem to shed toxins like kids who are not on the spectrum. This may contribute to causing the autism symptoms and is why some parents do chelation. But basically it is really important to keep toxins out of spectrum kid's little systems. After I started reading what is in our food and cosmetics, I decided to remove the toxins from my whole family's environment.

None of this stuff about removing toxins from our personal environment was ever "proven" to help or accepted as treatment by the mainstream medical community until finally last month this article came out about how it is now proven that autism is caused more by environmental factors than genetic factors. It states how autism is triggered in kids who are genetically predisposed, by toxins in the environment (pesticides, any chemical in food, lotion, shampoo or cleaning product, any anything pretty much that you wouldn't find 100 years ago.)

It is a lifestyle change to live like we do but we are so used to it, it isn't a big deal anymore. We work hard at keeping plastics out of the kitchen and trying to buy "safe" cookware and containers. It is always a work in process. Our grocery bills are high because, to start with, I buy the $5 strawberries and blueberries instead of the $2 ones. But this article explains how you shouldn't even feed your children berries that are not organic because you are basically also giving them a few doses of chemicals that are proven to cause damage, starting with ADD and ending with cancer.

It just really makes sense. We just try to buy food that doesn't have junk in or on it. Yes, we cheat. We cheat at restaurants and friends houses. I have no interest in being completely militant about it. We never cheat with the gluten or soy they seem to be the toughest on A.J.'s system. And we only occasionally cheat with cheese on the gluten free pizza at Satchels Pizza...but that is another blog post in the making :)


  1. I really like your blog as it is so informative. You mention "safe" cookware and containers, could you give some additional information on those in your blog? Thanks so much for providing this much needed information.

  2. This set is recommended but it is not cheap
    I got the following text from Nature Mom's blog:

    Why Its Healthy:

    * Handmade using natural gas, clay and water

    * No trace metals or chemicals leach from the cooking surface

    * There is no harmful PTFE coating and it produces no harmful PFOA gas which can occur with most popular petroleum based non-stick coatings.
    Why Its Green:

    * Materials are inorganic natural minerals from our earth’s crust

    * The non-scratch ceramic cooking surface on the Xtrema cookware is non-reactive and 100% non-toxic

    * Durability – These pans will last for a long time and cannot be scratched… even if you use steel wool. There is even a 50 year warranty.


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