Friday, July 22, 2011

DVD Thank You Cards

I just started to offer DVD Thank You Cards.  We package them in an Earth-friendly natural case that opens and has a pocket on each side. One one side we put a silver or printed DVD and on the other side you can add your own personal note. On the front we stamp, "THANK YOU". Not only do your guests and loved ones get a sweet thank you note, they get a priceless and original keepsake of your wedding. The simplicity of the packaging allows you the freedom to embellish them with your wedding theme and color scheme (two ribbons the colors of your wedding or a natural twine bow would be very pretty). On the DVD we include your ending montage. If your wedding film package includes a teaser or highlight you have the options of substituting either of those for your Thank You DVD Film. The DVD menu will also say "Thank You" or whatever message you would like to include.

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