Thursday, July 28, 2011

3 Good Things

There are some fun things happening right now with Platinum Digital Video and Life on Film / Gainesville Weddings. 

1. We are making a promo film for Footstone Photography and came out to film them in action at Megan and John's wedding day photo shoot. We got some great shots of Kristen and Paul and I can't wait to finish and share that promo film. We were also hired to film Megan and John's beautiful Baughman Center wedding ceremony. We just got some new filming equipment and editing software plugins to FCP. So I couldn't wait to put together a montage for Megan as a thank you for letting us crash their photo-shoot at Sweetwater Inn Bed and Breakfast. Here is the link to view that video

2. I put together a 30 second super fun, promo video for the upcoming Gainesville Wedding Expo. You can find the current version on the Gainesville Wedding Expo website and one with an updated voiceover soon to be on your (Gainesville-area) TV.  So don't fast forward over the commercials!!

3. I was completely inspired by Melissa's (of Masterpiece Weddings) awesome Social Media Class at Love Wedd. Here is a link to her professional blog. I took her priceless advice on everything, including writing some posts ahead of time.

I want to credit Oh Happy Day for the cute template.
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