Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our Social Media Video Workshop with Live Demonstrations

 This Workshop is for engaged couples and their friends and family who use Facebook, or/and  have a wedding blog or website. Also, vendors are welcome of course.

Our next Love Wedd workshop will be Thursday, March 31st at 6:30pm. We are going to teach people how to upload and share videos on the web. It is basically a little specialized class in social media. It is really easy to upload and share a video but there are small things you need to know to make it look right. You can make the videos different sizes and different resolution...depending upon where you plan to post the video. There are also different websites and different ways to upload a video. This is what we will touch upon.

We are going to teach by example and plan to shoot a few short videos as examples. These videos will be "video messages" We will use our HD SLR camera and film with a very shallow depth of field so that the only the person giving the message will be in focus. It will be lit from the front and the back so that the person speaking with glow a little bit. This will look professional and beautiful. We will provide some sample scripts and also put some music behind the message. We think it will take about 5 minutes to film, add music and upload the video. Then we will work on teaching how to upload and share it online.

An example of a "message video" would be a bride speaking directly to her friends and family who have received invitations to her wedding. It would be a short message that could be either posted to her Facebook page, wedding website or wedding blog.

Another example: These days many people write a letter to their fiance to be read while they are getting ready to walk down the aisle. This message can be used as a sort of live version of the letter. But you can decide upon the content of the message you would like to record and upload. You can even choose the music.

So if you, or someone you know would like to learn the social media basics (and a little more) of video...this is a perfect class for you. It will also be fun to do the message videos (bring your makeup).

Check back to this blog post in a couple of days to see a sample "message video"

Map to get to Love Wedd (located inside the Footstone Studio)

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