Monday, December 27, 2010

Tiffani & Brian's Wedding, Gainesville FL

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(see below for a list of vendors)

We started our shoot at the Residence Inn, Marriot where Tiffani and her bridesmaids were getting ready.

As Tiffani had her makeup done, her bridesmaids pulled on their black gowns, painted toe nails hot pink and were brought stunning bouquets of roses adorned with crystals formed in the first letter of their names. They sparkled in their matching chokers and bracelets.

We found Brian and his groomsmen getting ready at University City Church of Christ. He joked with his friends and nervously awaited the moment he would walk out to wait for Tiffani to come down the aisle.  He was so full of emotion when the big moment arrived and their ceremony was just perfect and beautiful.

It was a happy crowd after the ceremony was completed and after formals at the church, the bridal party headed over to Ben Hill Griffin Stadium to take some fun shots (see 40 second video)

Then they headed over to Gainesville Country Club as cocktail hour came to a close.

The introductions brought Tiffani and Brian's bridal party to the dance floor where they made a semi circle then cheered on Tiffani and Brian as they entered to a very loud applause. The first dance was to Steve Azar's, "Sunshine." The couple was lucky enough to have friends sing and play the guitar for them and it was flawless and so personal and special.

A major highlight of the evening was when Tiffani surprised Brian with a visit from none other than Albert and Alberta! The party was buzzing with excitement as guests had their pictures taken with the Gator mascots, then there was even a mascot dance with the bride and groom!

The bouquet toss was extra special as the bouquet was arranged to split apart into many bouquets as it was tossed. It was very sweet to see so many happy faces...especially the little girls who got a chance to catch some of the flowers. On the ribbons that tied the bouquets were little messages telling them their fortunes...."You will become engaged to the boy next door."

The bride and groom cut the stunning cakes done by Ms. Debbie's Cake art. Then the rest of the night was buzzing and bumping with dancing and colorful lights zooming around the floor. Then when it was time for the night to end, guests gathered outside lining the pathway to a beautiful old Rolls Royce from Candie's Limo's. Sparklers lit the way as Tiffani and Brian hurried to their car and Brian waved out of the window as they drove off to start their married lives together!

Church - University City Church of Christ
Reception - Gainesville Country Club
Videographer - Platinum Digital Video (that's us!)
Flowers - Danielle Lippy Bodden (phone number coming soon)

DJ - Todd Forrester
Hair - Phyl Lippy & Noelle Talley (813) 643-1400
Makeup - Chelsee Lippy (phone number coming soon)
Cake - Ms Debbie's Sugar Art
Musicians for first dance song - Ryan Alston (cousin) & Weston Johnson

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