Friday, December 17, 2010

Amy & Lucas's Steinhatchee Landing Resort Wedding

I put this storyboard together with stills from the footage of Amy and Lucas's Platinum Digital Video wedding video.

Resort: Steinhatchee Landing
Florist: Zeigler's Florist
Video (us) : Platinum Digital Video
Photog: Amanda Clark
DJ: Waynes World Entertainment
Grooms cake: Marty Lee (See the storyboard. I think the fish is amazing)
Wedding Cake: Linda Brannon (See the video)

Decorations (minus the flowers on the tables and the pew markers): Amy Bethea!!
Amy's father cut all the wood (he's a logger) and she and her friends and family stuffed the jars for the candy bar. One of her matron's of honor (Katie Fletcher) painted the menu. Amy painted the wedding signs and her father put them up.

The details began just as Platinum Digital Video drove up to theSteinhatchee Landing Resort and we were greeted by a rustic wooden sign penned in white paint, pointing us in the direction of the wedding. 

As we got our equipment together we were greeted by a flower garden that was teaming with yellow butterflies.

The church was like something out of a fariytale...the little chapel with the large wooden doors, hung with two wreaths of bent sticks and tufts of cotton. Large tree stumps rested next to the doors serving as tables for candles.

We had arrived very early so I decided to explore a little. I walked down to the river and there was the huge white tent with bales of hay around it. There were arrangements of pumpkins, candles, cotton and bundled bouquets of wheat. The color theme was simply the deep rich colors of fall. The menu for that evening was written in white paint on a large wooden window pane, resting on a bale of hay.

 I think my favorite touch was the hanging key holes and then the hanging key with the word, “heart” engraved on it.

As I walked around, the florists were arranging the wildflowers into a variety of vases for the tables. The "candy bar" was an array of glass jars decorated with straw ribbon, stuffed with gold, silver, red and copper wrapped chocolate pieces. There was a little petting farm a few feet away from the large tent and I went to say hello to the goats.

I headed back to get some shots of the photo shoot. Amy looked stunning and she and Lucas enjoyed a photo shoot in front of a super cool shiny yellow antique truck. I’m not a car person, I don’t know the year or make. But I know I wanted to take that truck home with me.

The bouquets all matched but were different flowers. No detail was overlooked. The mixing and matching of the Fall theme was so pretty.

After a beautiful ceremony on al alter of tree stumps completely covered in glowing candles, the happy couple went on to walk down to the tent by the river for their reception. 

Here they ate some fried chicken and barbecue with cobbler for desert. Then the wedding party and guests danced the night away under the moon. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. 

The night came to a close with Amy and Lucas, surrounded by their friends and family holding bright sparklers that lit up the dance floor. Here the newly married couple danced to Etta James's "At Last". Sheer perfection!

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  1. Beautiful wedding, beautiful video & storyboard!

  2. Beautiful. It turned out wonderfully. I was there at the resort trying to plan for my wedding, when I met Amy placing the logs in the chapel. I thought it was brilliant at the time, and it turned out so wonderful! I would love to know the vendors that helped put this together as my wedding is march 19th. my email is Thanks!

  3. OK, I just sent you an email with the list of vendors!


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