Friday, November 5, 2010

Adventures at LOVE WEDD Bridal Boutique

LOVE WEDD bridal boutique is like no other concept I’ve ever heard. And believe me I googled it. It brings to Gainesville an idea of a one-stop-shop for all the best of the best wedding needs a couple could have for their big day. Whether it’s a last minute desperate search for a sanity-saving wedding planner or a beginning bride in search of any direction…AT ALL. This place is like a TO-DO list with all boxes checked just waiting to happen…haaaaapinessssss. To be involved in the concept is a huge honor

I arrived at 6:30pm just in time for some last minute prep (nail guns going, drills screeching). They were just putting up the sign that says Platinum Digital Video…loooooked awesome! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the last minute adrenaline rush of getting a job done before a deadline. Literally, the boutique was transformed almost instantly into the most beautifully adorable bridal boutique my eyes had ever met. Shena and I were setting up her video and people started to fill the hallway with anticipation of the doors opening. I grabbed a mini cake from Dream Day Cakes, chatted with Melissa of Masterpiece Weddings, Matt from Verve Studios, and Kate from Sweetwater Branch Inn. All of them, equally wonderful and interesting people with such a refreshing perspective of the bridal world.

The doors opened and engaged couples flooded the room in search of well…anything! The possibilities are truly endless at LOVE WEDD and Platinum Digital Video looks forward to all new and exciting adventures that the boutique will bring.

Nicole Leshin
Director of Public Relations

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