Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ms. Debbie's Cake Art, Cake Tasting Event, Say It Sweetly

This was jaw dropping. when I walked in I couldn't believe how beautiful Villa East looked with it's dark tan walls lit with "mood lighting". The Event Diva's had created spectacular room decor. I won't even try to do it justice by explainig it with words. you will just have to see on the video posted below.

The vendor booths were set up around the room when you first walked in, then once you ventured a little further, past Melissa (of Masterpiece Weddings) manning the curtains, you walked into what was like a child's dream from a fairy tale...candy and cake world! The displays were colorful and like little works of art, as were the cakes. And you got to eat all of the cake you wanted, there were no limits, just your own judgment. You kind of had to be careful not to get cake-drunk. The meatballs provided by Celebrations were also and addiction for me that I had try not to let get out of control. So the food and sweets were the highlight of the evening, but there was something about that place that made people happy. The vendors had a good time talking and hanging out on their night away from the kids.

All in all it was a very successful evening. I made a little short video of it (you might even see me in there if you make it to the 3rd minute in). I enjoyed finding all of my favorite "sweet" songs to put in there. Check it out...enjoy!!

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