Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bridal Show and Destination Wedding (Philly) all in One Weekend.

So this weekend Jeff and I are being flown to Philly to film a wedding. This will be fun but we will be missing the Bridal Expo. Nicole is going to represent us and will mann our booth. She is going to be married soon herself so the Bridal Expo will be extra interesting for her! She is a Gainesville professional...and a Gator, and is great at sharing information about Platinum Digital Video. Please stop by the booth and introduce yourself to her.

This is the last Philly wedding we filmed:

Wow! Fun making a short film for our Bridal Show Booth...Check it Out!!

We put together some HD footage and made a little film that hopefully with catch the eye of people wandering by our little booth. I had fun making this in the Motion program. Check it out...
(Use the little arrows pointing out in 4 directions...that are located between the HD and Vimeo blow this up to be full-screen size. This way you will be able to get the full experience and be able to read the text.)

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