Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You saw the Teaser, Now Here is the Film

When I edit Platinum Digital highlight films I put film effects over the footage which saturates the color and give it that "old school" feel. That is what I did for this Kristy and Justin's highlight. Their wedding colors were lime green and deep bluish- purple. This theme was carried creatively through the wedding,  even the drinks handed out as the guests arrived were tall glasses of iced Limeade garnished with blueberries on a stick. The bridesmaid bouquets were made of feathers, each a different color scheme that coordinated with incredible shoes. The bridesmaids also sported feathers in their hair. The shimmering green fabrics cascading from the huge white tent, blew gently in the lakeside breeze. The ceremony was beautiful, the photo shoot got exciting when Urban Meyer pulled up in his boat and posed for a photo with the bride and groom. The party was fired up by G-nys Entertainment..."Now that's what I'm talkin about." And the dance moves, well, I have never filmed a wedding where there were so many awesome dancers with incredible superstar moves.

Here is Kristy and Justin's highlight film. It was really fun to put together, I hope it is as fun to watch.

For more clips from the wedding, including some awesome dance-off's, go to my vimeo page.

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