Monday, June 21, 2010

Baughman Center, UF Hilton Wedding

Allison got ready at the UF Hilton. The Photographers were Sweet Serendipity, and they set up this beautiful shot. This is a still frame from the (Platinum Digital) video in HD.

Allison and Alex were married at the Baughman Center on the UF Campus

It was a beautiful day, perfect weather. Allison's beautiful hair was electric red, complimented with a stunning hair peice:

The bridesmaid's bouquets were dainty, embellished fans...a perfect accessory to keep them (and the bride as you see here) comfortable in the summer heat.  During the photo shot, Alex and Allisonc did a super cute pose of them on their match their equally cute, cake topper. 

The reception was a blast thanks to Jay's Entertainment! Here is the short film to close the Full Length Video, it is set to the song that Allison walked down the aisle to:

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