Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Social Media Soiree

When I left the house tonight I said goodbye to my husband who was holding our screaming 6-month-old as he was trying to put some dinner together for our hungry 4-yr-old and 6-yr-old. I hurried off feeling a bit guilty...but excited to be free on a weekday evening (and not because I was going to the gym). I was off to my social media class. OK, so I think I do OK with the social media stuff, especially since my sister and her husband work for social media websites and her husband teaches social media at his University. Anyway, I enjoy this little blog and I use Facebook all the time. But I had some questions bout Twitter and such, and needed some blog advice, so I was excited to go and learn from one the best, Melissa of MasterPiece Weddings.

The class was held at Cafe C. First I munched on the delicious finger sandwiches, olives and some yummy brownies with an m&m on top which instead of having the m&m letters on it, was garnished with the Celebrations Catering logo...pretty cute! Melissa was a wealth of knowledge, answered all of my questions with ease and gave a very thorough presentation. I actually took her class because I have always been impressed with her social network prowess and her interesting blog. I saw some familiar faces in the class there: Stewart of Powers Photography, Kristin of Footstone Photography (both of whom I had just seen on Sunday at the Solutions Bridal Expo.) They were just the folks I recognized. I hope to get to know more and discover the blogs, many of which were started tonight.

So I am going to try and keep this blog updated more and tweet a little more :) So watch out social media world...here I come!

Photos: Leah (Celebrations Catering and Cafe C owner) and I taking pictures of each other, and a candid shot of Melissa giving Kristin some one-on-one blog tutoring.

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