Sunday, June 7, 2009

Why We like Sweetwater Branch Inn, Gainesville, FL

Here is a video we filmed at Sweetwater:

We love how the bride and groom can both get ready here in separate houses that are right next to each other. The outdoor area and the rooms are beautiful and so everywhere the bride and groom go makes for a lovely backdrop and a pretty shot for the video camera. There are guest houses here too and other B&B's nearby, so the guests and the couple have places to go right after the party without a long drive, or any drive being involved.

The Inn is also takes us back to Old Florida and is a part of Gainesville that is not directly linked to the University. It is the Southern Bell part of Florida with the historical painted houses, cats wandering about the lawn and ponds adorned with tropical flowers and greenery.

We like the reception area because it is filled with windows to let in the natural light, making the wedding decor seem to almost glow and glimmer. There is plenty of space for tables and a dance floor, and the dance floor is in a place that makes sense spatially. This makes it comfortable for the guests to either sit at their table and watch, or hit the dance floor. It also makes introductions easy to film.

The staff are polite and professional. We very much enjoy filming here. Here are some photo stills taken from Katie and Paul's wedding video (Thanks Katie and Paul for giving the "go ahead" to show it off!)

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  1. We love our highlight video! It's especially nice that you posted it here because now our friends and family can watch it.
    -Katie Wassink


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