What You Never Knew About Platinum Digital Video 

Giving a presentation about running a wedding cinematography business
Platinum Digital Video is not a big ole' production company with offices. I work out of my 850 square foot home (I call it my sweet cottage) in Gainesville's historical, Duckpond, and run the whole business from the desk in my living room. Yep.


After The Wedding Film: Lauren Tripp Barlis

"I could not be more grateful for the sense of trust and loyalty that we give each other every day." - Lauren 

Lauren is a UF Alumni and former UF instructor. She lives with her husband, Jeff and two children in Palm Harbor, Florida. She and Jeff had a fabulous outdoor Thomas Center wedding 3 years ago with perfect weather. Here is a peak into her wedding film and life before, during and after the wedding film!


After The Wedding Film: Katie Burns

"We also view each other as totally equal partners and don't follow the 'traditional' divisions of labor, meaning we share equally in housework, cooking, yard work, etc. (Though I insist on doing the laundry—otherwise Paul shrinks my clothes!)" ~ Katie Wassink
We filmed Katie and Paul's wedding in Gainesville back in 2008. It was the first wedding that Jeff and I had filmed at Gainesville's Sweetwater Branch Inn after moving here from Tarpon Springs. I remember the photographer being very creative with his shots, and I remember enjoying filming the beautiful suite that Kati and her bridesmaids were getting ready in, and how accommodating the staff were. Here is a is awesome to be a vendor at Sweetwater Branch Inn because they provide a table and chairs for vendors, located just outside the glass doors to the reception hall. It is great to have a place to put the gear down and sit for a second to change a lens and plug in a battery. The staff leaves a carafe of water and glasses on the table, sometimes even some sweet tea. It makes the whole filming experience pleasurable so it is easier to concentrate on working while feeling welcome and valued!

I was happy to catch up with Katie after 8 years! Here is Katie's account of their marriage and relationship... before, during and after the wedding film!!

8-Year Anniversary

After The Wedding Film: Susan Claire Stieglitz

"In an attempt to pique my interest and keep myself engaged while healing,  I like to pull a random cookbook off my shelf and then open a random page and force myself to cook whatever is on that page. I find I heal better and faster when I specifically try new things and get myself out of my standard comfort zone while I’m grieving." - Susan Claire

Susan Claire is a wildly-creative entrepreneur. From running multiple small businesses, to creating professional cakes, to designing her own stunning wedding dress, she invents beauty. Also, she and her husband, Jeremy, run an international video-game company. Platinum Digital Video filmed their incredible French-countryside-themed wedding 4 years ago. 

Here is Susan Claire's beautifully honest account of life after marriage, and the ever-present pain of miscarriage. 


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