Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Princess Wedding - Baughman Center and Stunning Melrose Home Reception

On October 15th Alyssa and Justin got married at Gainesville's beautiful Baughman Center then had a "Pink Princess Party" reception at Alyssa's parent's stunning property in Melrose. With incredible food from Blue Water Bay, a cake that matched Alyssa's dress, a DJ making the party a super fun crazy success with a stellar planner and sweet and talented photographers to boot...the wedding was a fairytale dream come true! (See vendor list at the bottom of the post).

Here is the Teaser AND the highlight video. A teaser is a 2 minute glimpse into what is to come and the 10-14 minute highlight video is parts of the full length video with the ceremony edited down and put to music. The full length is not here because it is over an hour long.

Step into the magical wedding day of Alyssa and Justin!

Here are some video stills. Scroll down below the stills for the teaser and the highlight videos!

Here are the teaser and highlight...

Cinematographer: Platinum Digital Video
Planner: Masterpiece Weddings
Photographer: Footstone Photography
DJ: G-nys Entertainment
Cake: Dream Day Cakes
Catering: Blue Water Bay

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Amazing Couch Transformation

We have been sitting on an old Ikea couch for the past few years (with a cover tossed over it) and recently it caved in every time someone sat on it. We propped it up with plastic tubs and stablizing-type whatever's we could find... while we saved up for a new couch.

 We pretty much thought that we would get a new Ikea couch as soon as the opportunity presented itself. But two weeks ago when we realized we finally could get a couch, I looked online at Ikea and learned that the couches weren't really fitting the dimensions of our living room. They also seemed a bit expensive to me...after having to buy all the little extras that aren't listed in the base price. When I looked online at furniture stores all the couches looked much too big for our small living room. So I Googled, "small couch". After annoyingly clicking on a couple of kids couches I finally found This is an amazing company who makes sectionals and sofas that you build yourself (like Ikea). So I was able to find a sectional combination to fit our living room perfectly. I loved how you could order a strip of material to make it look like a full love seat in one part and not all different chairs stuck together.

 I chose from 100 colors to find my perfect color and fabric. I couldn't believe it when I found the color because a while back I had been looking for that exact golf-course green in a rug. But after putting all that couch in my living room there wouldn't be room for a rug anymore so I decided to take a chance and go green with the whole couch. Now I am quite pleased with the bold pop of color in our plain living room. Do you think it is a bit wild?

 It took my Hubby, my Dad and I about 4 hours to put it together. Here are a few photos of the building process.

Beautiful Things

Recently I have been looking for beauty. Here are a few things I have found. I like having small things around me that strike me as stunnin...