Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Satchel's Pizza

What is the farthest place from Gainesville that you've seen a Satchel's bumper sticker?

Today we went to Gainesville's famous Satchel's Pizza for a late lunch. About once a month here, we officially "cheat" with the casein part of A.J.'s GFCF diet and she has the gluten free cheese pizza. All 3 kids love it and A.J. gets to be a normal pizza-eating-kid for an afternoon. For lunch I get a slice and a salad. The salads here are famous for the generous portions of almonds, sprinkled parmasean, apple and secret recipe salad-dressing.

My hubby's family has been close with Satchel's family since they were kids growing up together in Jacksonville. Hubby remembers riding around with his older brothers in the van that is now an extra pizza room (see pic below). We love how there is a "junk museum" in the back, a children's play area inside and 2 playgrounds outside. So it is very easy to take the whole family...and the pizza is amazing to boot. This definitely is a local fave.

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