Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Check This Out if you have 4 Minutes to Spare

Here is a highlight video that I think is fun to watch if you have 4 minutes to spare...and our client likes her video a little bit:

We watched our video together last night and we LOVE IT!! It's ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! We laughed, cried, and just shared the memories together! It was really amazing! I cant believe how much I missed from that day and the video brought it all back!! You and your husband captured EVERY detail! Really, THANK YOU!! I find it amazing that you went through TWO video cameras of 10 hours of footage and put it together like that so perfectly. After I see how much work it was an how much time it must have taken you, I can't believe you only charge $3K! This video is absolutely priceless! :)

OK I copied and pasted that...no I didn't type all the caps in myself :)

For Dawn & Matt from Platinum Digital Video on Vimeo.

The video is set to their first dance song:

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