Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beautiful Hair Ideas for your Wedding

Here are just some amazing updo's, taken from our videos:

This last photograph is of Katie Wassink. Her beautiful "do" was created by Laura from Gainesville's, Charisma For Hair. Click here to check them out.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Super Duper Vendor Mixer

We attended the TJM Studios vendor mixer party tonight. It was very hip and swank (NY theme with b&w cocktail attire) and very well planned (kudos to A'vie Weddings and Events for organizing it.) We enjoyed scrumptious hors d'oeuvres, yummy mixed drinks and chocolate moose to die for. I spoke to some very sweet wedding vendors, some of whom we will be seeing again soon at weddings. We very much enjoyed meeting everyone and seeing friends from past weddings. What an awesome Thursday night!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Excited About Featuring Some Major Talent On This Blog

I was so excited to have Mosey as our first guest blogger and not surprisingly, very impressed with what she brought to the blog. So feeling optimistic, and on a roll, I decided to contact my favorite artist, Jill Bliss of San Francisco and see if she could somehow contribute. She wrote back and told me that she is currently designing some wedding invitation packages and will let  me know when they are ready. I have no doubt that they will be unlike any wedding invitation you have ever seen before.  So that is coming soon which is very exciting. I am working on that wedding hair blog I previously mentioned, so check in for that one over the next couple of days. May I also mention that I have been putting some of my favorite wedding videos on our Facebook fanpage so if you are interested, check it out.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Finding a Unique and Affordable Wedding Dress

I was lucky enough to nab fantastic, fashion blogger, mosey to do a guest spot here today. Her blog covers everything from the latest trends in style to home decor. She's here today to tell us how she found her own wedding dress and give some advice to other brides, who are less traditional, on how to find something affordable and unique.

When I started looking for my wedding dress, I felt a little intimidated by the typical wedding dress shop scene. I went to a few shops near where I live and couldn't really get over feeling silly or put off, even. I knew I wanted something short, not long for my small, summer, outdoor wedding and I also knew I wanted something a little nontraditional and quirky. So I decided to ditch the wedding dress shops and begin an online search. I spent months scouring the net for the "perfect wedding dress" and accumulated quite a hefty list of online shopping bookmarks. Sure you have to filter your search to "white dresses" and it can take some precious time, but I felt like it was all worth it.

I ended up buying my dress on BCBG Maxazria's website, but there are plenty of other dresses I almost ended up choosing from other websites. I'd like to share those shopping links with you today in hopes that they could help you find something really unique and beautiful! If you're looking for something a little less traditional and a little less formal than the average wedding dress, then these places should be fun for you to try.

My top 10 favorite non-wedding sites to find a wedding dress.

1) Net-A-Porter: A fantastic shopping site filled with only high end designers.

2) ChicDowntown: This site has great, quirky yet high end, memorable dresses.

3) eLuxery: Beautiful and affordable designer dresses.

4) MyTheresa: Slightly more expensive but very unique dresses

5) Nordstrom Dress Shop: You may have a Nordstrom store locally, but you're not guaranteed to get the same sort of selection there as you would in their online dress shop. If you're looking for something long and elegant, this is a fantastic place to find that. Just narrow your search to the desired dress style. They sell beautiful, inexpensive wedding dresses also.

6) Farfetch: This shop is quite expensive. But if you're ready to shell out $2000 for white dress anyway, why not make it a special one?

7) ShopStyle: This place holds an overwhelming amount of dresses because it aggregates its content from thousands of different shopping sites. They have a great filtering system though which allows you to sort by color (very important), price, size, etc.

8) Elizabeth-Charles: This shop has a beautiful selection of dresses with great sales.

9) Bloomingdales: There are quite a few beautiful and affordable dresses here.

10) BCBG:Their designs are always maintain a high standard of quality and are very inexpensive। They are less formal than most wedding dresses, so this shop isn't for everyone. It was, however, the perfect spot for me as this is where I purchased my dress.

TIP 1 - Remember to filter your search in these sites to, for example, "evening dresses" or "cocktail dresses," or whatever style or length you prefer. A lot of these sites even enable you to filter your search to "white" "dresses" only.

TIP 2 - If you see a dress you love but it's not the right color or style, take note of its designer then look up the designer online. You'll find all their collections online and have an entirely new avenue to wonder down towards finding THE dress.

You can spend thousands of dollars on a dress for the sole reason being that it was bought in a specialized wedding dress shop. There are so many beautiful white dresses out there... if you have the time to look, the expectancy of getting a dress fitted anyway, and you're goal is to look your absolute best, why limit yourself to the norm? Take it online!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Exciting Stuff Coming Soon...

In the next few days check back in to see a guest blog by amazing fashionista, Mosey of

We are very excited that she is creating for us a unique blog about wedding dresses.

Also coming soon, I am putting together pictures of my stylish bride's hair updo's. Some are quite amazingly beautiful so you will definitely want to check this one out.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Why We like Sweetwater Branch Inn, Gainesville, FL

Here is a video we filmed at Sweetwater:

We love how the bride and groom can both get ready here in separate houses that are right next to each other. The outdoor area and the rooms are beautiful and so everywhere the bride and groom go makes for a lovely backdrop and a pretty shot for the video camera. There are guest houses here too and other B&B's nearby, so the guests and the couple have places to go right after the party without a long drive, or any drive being involved.

The Inn is also takes us back to Old Florida and is a part of Gainesville that is not directly linked to the University. It is the Southern Bell part of Florida with the historical painted houses, cats wandering about the lawn and ponds adorned with tropical flowers and greenery.

We like the reception area because it is filled with windows to let in the natural light, making the wedding decor seem to almost glow and glimmer. There is plenty of space for tables and a dance floor, and the dance floor is in a place that makes sense spatially. This makes it comfortable for the guests to either sit at their table and watch, or hit the dance floor. It also makes introductions easy to film.

The staff are polite and professional. We very much enjoy filming here. Here are some photo stills taken from Katie and Paul's wedding video (Thanks Katie and Paul for giving the "go ahead" to show it off!)

Why We like Emerson Alumni Hall, Gainesville, FL

Some Gainesville couples like to do a wedding photo shoot at the Stadium. Emerson Alumni Hall is directly across the street from Ben Hill Griffith Stadium. This makes the stadium a convenient stop when driving from the church to Emerson Alumni Hall. There is plenty of parking at the Alumni Hall along the back streets of the upscale student neighborhood nestled behind it. This is something it has over venues in the downtown area as parking can be difficult there. The Alumni Hall is new and modern-looking. The actual reception hall can be expanded to be a very large space, which is perfect for large weddings. The last wedding we filmed here was filled with great energy. The staff were polite and professional and the wedding went off without a hitch.

5 Amazing Wedding Reception Halls in Gainesville FL

OK, this is not in order, is subject to change, and will grow. But here are 5 venues we are especially partial to:

1. Sweetwater Inn (click here for details)
2. Emerson Alumni Hall
3. Gainesville UF Hilton
4. Steve's Cafe (and events)
5. Thomas Center

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